Pagination for a Magazine Theme

Say you have a magazine-style WordPress theme. It has a slider that loads three posts, and then a list of recent posts.  The issue of pagination come up when the user hits the Older Posts link. Maybe you have a front page that displays 3 posts in the slider.

A smart PayPal form

I created this smart PayPal form for See It lets the user switch back and forth between recurring and one-time donations. I couldn't find a free plugin that can do this. If this is installed on a WordPress or other CMS site, it is better set up as a plugin.

A simple related posts widget

If you want to put some related posts in a widget you can use the smart YARPP plugin. Or, if you merely want to list posts with matching tags, you can put a function in your WordPress theme. In some ways this is better than the fuzzy logic of YARPP because it gives you more control: you just give posts the same tag, and you know they are related.

This was a really nice project for me: a cool non-profit group, that wanted an upgrade of its old website to WordPress. Trekkers is an org that takes high school kids on bus tours around the USA. We created a site that had good balance between easy-admin, and rich news content.

Customizing Twenty Twelve

Twenty Twelve is my favorite of the WordPress default 'twenty' themes. Its elegant and responsive. I like the smartphone menu. Twenty Ten is not responsive at all. Twenty Eleven is simply less classy. Twenty Thirteen looks like a good full-screen theme, but I have not yet done anything with it.