Heminway & Hamlen

The Llewellyn folks asked me if I could do a site in one day. I was a little skeptical but I said I could do a quickie with a child theme. That's how I built a site for the Portland, Maine law firm Heminway & Hamlen.

Pagination for a Magazine Theme

Say you have a magazine-style WordPress theme. It has a slider that loads three posts, and then a list of recent posts.  The issue of pagination come up when the user hits the Older Posts link. Maybe you have a front page that displays 3 posts in the slider.

A smart PayPal form

I created this smart PayPal form for Trekkers.org. See trekkers.org/donate/. It lets the user switch back and forth between recurring and one-time donations. I couldn't find a free plugin that can do this. If this is installed on a WordPress or other CMS site, it is better set up as a plugin.